We all have a problem.

All too often, we human beings get stuck in unhealthy holding patterns in our lives, unable to break out of a rut, unable to BE.

When you feel trapped and unable to move or make decisions, it causes stagnant, stale, heavy energy, negative thought loops, and can ultimately lead to bad habits. At this point, you mostly desire to feel free from the weight of these burdens, however it often seems that nothing helps to alleviate your pain. The negative thought patterns have created a block of energy, which keep you from opening your mind to positive life changes.

My mission is to help you release your negative energy blocks and free yourself by tuning in to the Spirit of Love!

About Me

I am what I call an "image composer”.

My name is Miabella Mojica.

I absorb inspiration from moments constantly throughout the day and express them in any way I can using different palettes of color and a vast array of mixed media. My favorite go-to's are acrylic paints, acrylic inks, oil paint, alcohol inks, powdered pigments, fluid acrylic mediums and epoxy resin, although I also love prismacolor pencils, magic markers and pastels. I am an avid photographer, endlessly inspired by new textures, natural scenes and clouds in the sky. I love to combine all of these mediums into new ethereal compositions that remind me of all the precious moments, interwoven together into textural, abstract dreamscapes.

I am compelled to create. My intention for sharing my art and serving you is simply to spread the vibration of Highest Love to everyone we can reach. We make it happen together.

A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.
— Yoko Ono

And You!!!

you are longing to…

  • Feel loved

  • Connect to the Divine

  • Honor your intuitive creativity*

  • Awaken your inner child

  • Open a door to the world of color and possibility

  • Learn new ways of approaching life

  • Recognize your passions and utilize your gifts

  • Discover the inner wisdom of your beautiful, authentic self


So… how can I help?

I can help you to discover new ways of tapping in to the spirit of love! I can teach you how to practice gratitude, and how expressing it regularly brings more joy to your daily life.


I offer a safe, easy-going, light-hearted and fun-spirited environment for you to delve into the heart of your problem, so we can co-create a solution that feels right for you. While I so enjoy the whim, beauty, magic, nature, and spirituality within my life as an artist, it is my work with people like you that I truly thrive on. It is in experiencing the essence of your authentic, special and wonderful self expression that I get to shine my light and share my skills. My work with you is not counseling, psychiatry, or anything judgmental. It is a confidential container for you to explore your needs, while having someone there for you. And being there for you also benefits me, because I love to serve in so many ways:

  • I inspire and encourage you to express your desires, challenges, goals and dreams.

  • I listen with keen and honest interest, and take to heart the importance and uniqueness of your situation.

  • I provide solutions based on the knowledge and wisdom from my personal, educational and professional life experiences.

  • I draw from my various strengths and skills, and use an assertive, intuitive and spontaneous approach to help you address each problem we come across.

  • From mixed media arts and technology processes to mindfulness practices and spacial management, I offer you simple ways to help clear the clutter in your mind so you can focus on enjoying your life.

  • Together, we will co-create affirmative phrases that uplift your soul and gently remind you to push yourself toward recognizing your dreams.

  • I will help you choose one special phrase and shift the language with you until it feels as positively affirming, truthful and possible as it can be!

  • I will then embed the DNA of this highest-vibe intention into an abstract dreamscape painting.

Every time you view this art, you will be reminded of your empowering statement, which is infused into the original piece!


one on one co-creation

I will sit down with you one on one and get clear on your two biggest life challenges and goals. We work together to uncover your empowering "tune in" word, phrase, or symbol, and shift the language until the message is clear, positive and concise. Whether we are working together in person or from a distance, I will have you handwrite this message on paper and give it to me. Once I receive it, I will lay this down as the first layer of your custom painting, while praying and supporting your intentions. I will then cover the words or symbols up with more layers of paint, creating an abstract dreamscape, and documenting the process.

What you get out of this:

  • Magical masterpiece infused with your own motivational message.

  • Unique, empowering statement that tunes you in to the Spirit of Love anytime, and helps you to form new, positive neural pathways and connections.

  • Visual reminder of your Love frequency, and your own intentions for creating your dream life.

  • Time-lapse video and photos of the creative process behind your painting.

  • Badass piece of abstract, intuitive, spiritual healing art for your own sacred space, be it home, work or chill.

  • Certificate of Title, proving the painting to be an authentic Miabella Mojica original.



*But what if you're not an artist?!

Here's the thing.

Creativity is not about art making.

It is about believing in yourself to the core, embodying your natural intuitive qualities, which everyone has, allowing yourself to be inspired by everyday occurrences, and trusting your process! It does not take any physical tools to be creative. We can all tap into the creative flow by simply observing, being open to new possibilities, looking for reasons to smile and expressing gratitude.

Let’s work together! I am so looking forward to helping you to play, create, discover, and transform your life!

To live a free life, you must have a connection with Spirit through everything.

To free 🦅 yourself, tune in to the Spirit of 💗 Love.