So what did you think of our spirit animal quiz?

Many people ask me what a spirit animal IS. Simply said, a spirit animal is an animal that your spirit responds to; it is a teacher. I actually created my first podcast answering this question more deeply, which you can find here. Every person on earth has many teachers. And the animal kingdom is a special kind of guide that helps us gather data about life on earth and how to live it. If you were surprised about which animal you received in the quiz, take a moment to think about that animal and what you can learn from its qualities or characteristics… that’s really all there is to choosing your spirit animal! We can choose the animals we resonate with, as well as the animals we don’t.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to get in touch with YOUR spirit animal, or what the heck this is even about, click the button below! I would love to schedule a 15 minute phone conversation so we can take a quick dive into what your spirit animals may be. During that time, you’ll have an opportunity to SWAN DIVE (see what I did there? 🤣) and schedule a longer, deeper consultation to really bring intention into the process of discovering your spirit animals, and then I will offer to paint a soul portrait of YOUR special dream spirit animal.

And for those of you who took the quiz or listened to my podcast, as promised, below are the free spirit animal printables!

Click the images in the slideshow below to open a FREE printable JPG of each animal! Just right-click (or ctrl-click on a Mac) or tap, hold, and swipe up on iPhone to save the image.

Would you like to commission me to create a custom painting of your spirit animal, or a loved one’s?

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