Oh, driving home on Labor Day evening, I was so pleased to notice how dark out it was, and our amazing Milky Way galaxy popped into view from my peripheral vision out of my dirty car window. Seriously. It was that bright. Or I'm just attuned to it, maybe both ;) Either way, I feel so grateful to live in an area where the city lights don't permeate the sky. So of course I had to shoot.

I'm still learning to get the manual star focus right (it's not quite to infinity on my wide angle lens), and the time settings aren't optimal, then again I was constantly on guard for rattlesnakes, TX red-headed centipedes, cactus, scorpions and fire ants, and I was wearing shorts, so crouching low on the ground wasn't the most comfortable... I'll be more prepared next time!

Enjoy the star gazing... I know I did!

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