Yesterday, I discovered a different way of applying paint while creating two flow paintings, "Luxe" and "Glam". Using little plastic dixie cups, I poured the paint onto the canvas instead of using squeeze bottles like I normally do. Somehow, this one detail changed my entire process for finishing a piece, and I really really love the way they turned out.

The biggest problem I'm dealing with at the moment is that I don't have a truly level surface to place the pieces while they dry... this changes the way they look tremendously from the point at which I set one down, to the point when I come back and see them dry. Truly, waiting for these pieces to dry is a *huge* part of the process... it requires immense patience. I'm learning a lot about myself.

I am the kind of person who often opens something new I bought at the store... on the way to my car! Ha! I hop in the car and discard the trash on the passenger seat floorboard, you know, where it belongs. Then I tear into the box so I can hold whatever it is, just feeling the sensation of a new... whatever: canvas, hard drive, photo gear, iPhone case, shirt, it doesn't matter, I simply want to touch and hold it right away. Instant gratification.

However, with fluid painting, it just doesn't work that way. I have to wait at least 9-12+ hours before I can actually touch the painting... run my fingers over that superb glossy finish... hold it up to the sun and see how she shines... those are the things I wait for. And the wait is worth it.

Today, I finished scanning in "Luxe". She's one of the study pieces that helped me find my way yesterday when I discovered the use of the little dixie cups for this particular technique. There was a lot less paint waste than usual because I was able to gauge how much I'd need when I mixed it in the cup first. I am so in love with creating these, I could seriously do it all day long! And I have... haha! There are now many of these pieces that are ready to find homes, so I'm going to begin posting them as often as I can.

♡ Shine, love and create!





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