I feel so blessed! Yesterday, my good friend, AJ, brought Lucid and me up Animas Mountain, just outside of Durango, CO. We climbed up the jeep trail in his lifted Xterra slowly but surely, and took a little overlook hike at the top, following a small trail through to four overlook points. At the last one, we were overlooking Durango’s farm land. It started to rain a little bit, and the view was gorgeous. I was using a wide angle and decided to grab the 24-70mm lens from the truck. When we got back to the same spot with the 24-70, like magic, the rain had stopped and a double rainbow had appeared.

I don’t bring my camera everywhere with me. I’ve seen many breathtaking scenes that I could not capture, some that have torn my heart in two because I knew the memory would fade as a digital photo does not. However, I have been so blessed with moments like this one, where, intuitively deciding to take one last photo, and taking action to get the right lens for it, led me straight into something even more epic and beautiful than I could have imagined. I give thanks to the Highest Love for allowing this moment to coincide with me and a camera.

Here is a stitched pano of four consecutive shots I took, to lay out the total scene.


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