Years ago I stumbled upon a digital zen practice that resulted in the creation of these mesmerizing mandalas.

The act of making them inspired self awareness and helped me to find a passionate purpose for my life as an artist, teacher and healer. These sacred circles are an outpouring of inspiration from daily life. They're created intuitively by borrowing from my other original creations, such as photographs, paintings, and drawings, even words and symbols. Those images are then manipulated digitally into a balanced circle, with hundreds of layers condensed into one piece of art.

When I began to share them with my loved-ones, their responses filled my heart with gratitude, and I realized how wonderful this discovery was. Anyone can learn how to create these with a few tools. I now teach this technique through local workshops, and will soon be offering downloadable tutorial videos.

If you are interested in purchasing one you see here, commissioning one that is made uniquely for you or a loved one, or you'd like to learn how to make one yourself, please reach out to me here.

*Print Shop Currently Under Construction!*

A lot of my mandalas are created by using snippets of my photography.

Wanna see some photography?