Getting lost in the wilderness is by far the most spiritual experience I've yet to be blessed with.

There is nothing else like tuning in to the vastness of the planet we live on. These are the moments I crave.

Most of the times I've had an opportunity to go somewhere new, I've jumped at the chance. Each shoot brings new puzzles to the lens; unique problems for me to solve. I really enjoy walking away with the pride of finding solutions and mostly, the fresh perspective on life itself.

Board culture and flow sports have fascinated me since I was young. I love how adventure photography tells a story through the environment, so the viewer can soak in the spirit or essence of a rider in their natural element. πŸ„β€β™€οΈπŸŒ€πŸŒŽThere is something mysterious and mystical about letting a board guide the body through and across one's chosen substance, be it the earth's waters and snow or concrete we've poured into shapes inspired by her curves.

🌲We take inspiration from everything we see in the natural world. Board sports reflect this in so many ways, and we humans continue to learn how to craft and shape the boards in search of the ultimate ride.